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  • How can i save using Georgina?
    Pressure Cooking with Georgina makes you reduce cooking time up to 70%, resulting in energy savings up to 80%. In addition, the steam retained inside the pressure cooker preserves all food nutritional properties intact, as well as its taste. This means less salt and fats as well and a better  yield of all foods.
  • What can I cook with Georgina?
    There is a wide range of foods you can cook with Georgina.  Whether you use it as a pressure cooker and/or as a pasteuriser, it will allow you could create new recipes, a whole menu from starters to desserts, using any type of food or even to refine your signature recipes. With the pressure cooker, you can cook professional kitchen must-have and basics such as stocks, gravy, sauces. You can also cook legumes, cereals, meats cut usually cooked with low temperature slow cooking methods, octopus, fish and other seafood, not to mention vegetables, soups and even desserts normally cooked in the oven or in a bain-marie. 
  • Why cooking with Georgina is so healthy?
    By cooking faster you are able to preserve all foods nutritional properties, minerals and vitamins. Taste and fragrance thus remain perfect and you can also reduce salt and fats to season the food.  Pressure cooking retains insider the pot all liquids, vapours and aromas released by the food, so there is no dispersion. 
  • Which hob I need to use Georgina?
    You can use Georgina with gas, induction, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs. Do not use it in the oven.
  • Which accessories are included?
    In Georgina's pack you will find two stainless steel steam rack  to insert inside the pot for cooking food so that it does not come into contact with the bottom of the pot; a silicone gasket for the lid to ensure a perfect seal; and a cleaning nozzle for the pressure release valve and the vent valve to carry out proper maintenance and allow you to prolong the life of your pot.
  • Where i can buy spare parts?
    Contact us for guidance on how to purchase spare parts for your Georgina. We remind you that proper maintenance and replacement of worn or damaged parts will allow you to use your pressure cooker safely for a long time. 
  • How does the warranty last?
    The Georgina is guaranteed for 10 years, following correct and compliant use as indicated in the instruction manual.
  • Where can I buy Georgina?
    Contact us for a quote! We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information!
  • Can I use Georgina as a pastoriseur?
    You will be able to safely sterilize and pasteurize any food you like using Georgina, always achieving the best results. Thanks to its 35 lt. capacity, you can pasteurize up to 35 jars of 250 ml each in a single process, saving time and energy. See the user manual for more information. 
  • Which are cleaning and maintenance guidance?
    We recommend carefully hand-washing all components separately after each use and make sure that the valves are always completely clean and free of any debris from previous cooking. Use warm water, a non-aggressive stainless steel cleaner and a soft sponge that is not too abrasive. When cooking food with a strong acidity and/or flavor, we recommend that you wash the pressure cooker immediately after use to prevent stains and halos.  Do not close the Georgina with the lid when it is not in use.  Please follow all the instructions in the user manual. If you have any further question and doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What temperature does Georgina reach?
    Georgina reaches 121°C.

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