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Size matters! let's cook amazing

Your secret ingredient

Specifically designed for professional use, is the ultimate and ideal solution to boost your kitchen to another level. Your new kitchen secret weapon-ingredient. With a vast range of applications you will cook your recipes even 3 times faster, consuming less energy, preserving all food flavors and properties. This will make you save money and reach more satisfying results!  

It's a bomb!

Trust Georgina

Let’s start using Georgina with no hesitation! Easy to easy and absolutely safe: Georgina is bulletproof!Find out how it works in a few simple steps.

Focus on wellness

Thanks to fast pressure cooking, Georgina keeps all vitamins, proteins and minerals intact. 

Pressure cooking requires shorter time and it better preserves the nutritional properties of the food, avoiding additional salt or fats.

Keyword? Saving!

Save up to 80% of time and focus to what really matters. Save up to 70% of energy and get lighter bills!Reduce waste of foods, energy and a lot of stress! Start working more sustainable

Georgina, details

technical data sheets

Capacity: 35 lt

Diameter: 40 cm

High: 29,5 cm

Net weight: 8.9 kg

Material: Stainless steel

Material thickness: 1,5 mm

operating pressure

Indicator: 0.04 kgf/cm2

Extra safety valve 1&2: 1.2 kgf/cm2

3 Stage valve: 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 kgf/cm2

Extra safety valve: 2 kgf/cm2

other informations

Country of origin: Taiwan 

Warranty: 10 years

Accessories included: steam rack, silicon ring, valve cleaning tool.

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